St Laurence & All Saints Church
Eastwood, Essex

The coming together of 1000 years of history with the demands of the future
to allow worship for both the congregation and the parish of Eastwood.

Revd Steve Spencer - Vicar
Revd Edd Stock - Curate

Let Us Think!

At last, put the flags out. The sun finally seems to be shining and the view of the sun rising after our 5.30am Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday was nothing short of spectacular. Seeing God's creation in all its glory really does bring a warmth to your heart.
In many respects our period of Easter has been a time of reflection, yet there is a greater sense that it also needs to be about our response to Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. Of course that response is an individual one, but one that can have an impact upon those around us. And like seeing the sun rise on that glorious Easter Morning, it heralds the start of something new that can change lives forever.
St Laurence Church has, I believe, over the course of its thousand year presence in Eastwood, been a place that has helped people to think through the significance of Jesus' death on the cross and his resurrection from the tomb and so make sense of the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ. This, in itself, can be a roller coaster of a ride because so often Jesus challenges our preconceptions of what true humanity is all about. And so it is our conviction as Christians that the relevance of Jesus still holds true today, helping to shape the people we need to be to live in harmony with one another in society.
On May 7th our country goes to the polls to elect a new government. Of course at this moment the shape of that new government we do not know. But first I urge all that are eligible to vote to do so and second that we should all pray for those who will be elected, that they may be true to their word and seek the common good for all.
So as we approach longer and we hope sunnier days, the gloom of winter months seems a distant past and we start to plan what future events may hold in store for us this year. Whether that's a big celebration, a birthday, wedding, maybe the special holiday you have promised yourself, my prayer is that your plans are all that you hope them to be, and that the good news of Jesus Christ is part of them.

Revd. Steve Spencer, Vicar