St Laurence & All Saints Church
Eastwood, Essex

The coming together of 1000 years of history with the demands of the future
to allow worship for both the congregation and the parish of Eastwood.



Revd Steve Spencer - Vicar
Revd Edd Stock - Curate

Wedding Days
Revd. Steve Spencer

Autumn once again is upon us and summer seems a distant memory. But I
hope those memories were ones that brought family and friends together, or
perhaps opportunities to make new friends. Although the British weather did
not quite live up to expectation (what's new?) there were the odd beautiful
days of sunshine.

One of those days, was when our daughter Laura married her fiancé Jon: it
was for them and for all of us a very special day. Of course being the father
of the bride, I do realise I might be just very slightly biased! In the four
years I have been the vicar of St Laurence I have had the great privilege
of conducting many weddings, so I have to say it was a bit different not to
be the one up the front conducting the service. Yet as a dad to answer that
question "who gives this woman to be married to this man?" and of course
with the answer "I do" I can honestly say it was a tearful moment. And as
I reflect upon that day I was reminded all too vividly of my own wedding
when Linda and I were married 30 years ago. It was then, as with Laura and
Jon's, a great celebration of love, happiness and joy.

So, bearing that in mind, we at St Laurence would like to invite all to a
service at 3pm on Sunday 25th October for a 'Celebration of Marriage.' This
is not just for couples married a few weeks, months or years, but also in
some way recognising marriages where loved ones are no longer with us.
Also we understand that "The Church" has not always been sympathetic to
those whose marriages have gone through the agonies of divorce and who
then wish to remarry. So our aim is that through this service we can celebrate
love, understand when times are tough and remember that despite life's ups
and downs God is with us.

So please do join with us and make it a special day all over again.

Revd. Steve Spencer, Vicar