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Revd Steve Spencer - Vicar
Revd Edd Stock - Curate


It’s a Balancing Act
As the days are getting shorter and the mornings darker our time seems even more precious than it did during the long and lazy summer days that are now a distant memory.  The shops have even started stocking Christmas products and so the rush begins. Between school runs and getting to work, laundry and keeping in touch with friends, there seems like no time to stop and take a moment. Life so often feels as though we are being pulled in every direction, so many things calling for our attention. Every moment matters. What are you doing Friday night? Where are you spending Christmas Day? The answers to these questions matters. Where we spend our precious moments shows what’s important. We spend our Friday nights with our oldest friends: laughing, listening, and sometimes crying. Family competes for the Christmas Day slot. “This year with my parents, next year with yours.” It’s a balancing act. Spend enough time with family to show we care but keep aside a couple of evenings to get into your pjs and crack open that new boxset.
This winter, take a moment each day for yourself. Look around. What are you grateful for? There’s always something or someone if you look hard enough. And then ask yourself, who can you love this winter? When we are caught up in the rush it’s so easy to miss the people near us who are struggling. How is frail Mrs Jones at no. 4 doing now the nights are colder? Is the new mum next-door coping okay? Would that new colleague appreciate a dinner invite?
This is the kind of love that Jesus showed us, how to be-self emptying. It’s a kind of love that takes a little effort, gives a bit of ourselves but can so often only take a moment. Christians often talk of transformation. Join us this winter in a transformation of our lives here in Eastwood, one precious moment at a time.
God Bless

Revd. Edd Stock