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Rev Steve

Result time!

Every year the months of July and August are full of great expectation, usually based around the weather. Looking forward to some time away with family and friends or finally getting to grips with garden. But no matter what we choose to do, it’s that break from what we do the rest of the year that we look expectantly too.
Yet as with every year there are certain dates on the holiday calendar that will cause either great joy or great upset. These are the days when our young people receive their exam results, the stress that surrounds A-Level and GCSE result days is immense. There is a pressure placed upon them that seems so great for ones so young, and the probability that in one way or another these results will affect the rest of their lives, either for good or dare I say not so good. Of course the reality is, that no matter what grades our young people gain this is but a step in life, not the be all and end all.
But as we know our society is one that can be very blinkered and become very result driven to the exclusion of what is going on around the world. Therefore our expectations of our young people and those they have for themselves need to be ones that focus on their place in society. Having a wider view and perspective of the world I hope will enable humanity to overcome the many problems we see today, the continued violence in the Middle East, part of Africa and even trouble on our own streets.
As Christians, we also have a part to play to encourage our young people, yes in education, but also in learning to live in a society that is tolerant and for the benefit for all. Through prayer we have an expectation that God will intercede in the troubled spots of this world, yet humanity has its part to play as well.
Therefore regardless of the grades our youngsters may have received, let us as society teach them that their role within this world is not defined by grades, but rather on the way we apply that gift that God has given to each and every one of us, our humanity.                  

Revd Stephen Spencer, Vicar of St Laurence